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We manage the Virtual Private Servers, so you don't have to.

What are we working on?

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Social Trader Tools

A web based platform for anyone that uses MT4. Hosted in the cloud 24/7 without the hassle of a VPS, allowing you to copy trades to any amount of trading accounts and much more.

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Account Manager

Manage unlimited amounts of MT4/5 accounts from any broker, in one location.

Trade Copier

Copy trades to and from accounts with the fastest copier on the market.

Signal Provider

Allow others to copy your trades for FREE or for CASH by showcasing your results on a signal page.


Whitelabel the platform with a new or existing business, with style options, your logo, your specific brokers and affiliate links.

TradeSync API

A developer focused RESTful API built to manage accounts and copy trades on the MT4/5 trading platform. Providing HTTP endpoints that allow you to programmatically manage accounts and copy trades with the languages you want.

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Account Manager

Manage unlimited amounts of MT4/5 accounts from any broker, in one location.

Trade Copier

Copy trades to and from accounts with the fastest copier on the market.

Web based platform

Visually manage accounts and copiers with our web platform and its responsive GUI.


Manage unlimited accounts and copy trades using the developer REST API.

Detailed Docs

Detailed API documentation outlining each endpoint with their function, parameters and responses.

What are our tools?

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We at Titanium Financial Technology pride ourselves on using the best tools for the task at hand. Working primarily in FinTech we make use of both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms on our products trading financial currency. Currently we use the world's fastest cloud servers, UpCloud to host our services in many locations around the globe.

We run our platforms on both the Windows and Linux operating systems. Primarily focused on building modern web applications, we utilise many different web technologies and frameworks such as JavaScript, PhP, Laravel and jQuery.

Who are we?

In 2014 development of an independent trading platform with the ability to manage accounts from any broker and copy other traders was born. The platform would allow users to manage all their MT4/5 accounts in once place and allow them to copy trades to and from another user's account in the browser. It would allow all of this to happen without the need of a VPS on the side of the user, the platform would do this all for them. This platform is Social Trader Tools.

Founded in 2015, Titanium Financial Technology would become the company we trade and build all of our current and upcoming products under. Since then we have grown to develop Social Trader Tools into a flourishing platform with thousands of traders trusting us to deliver the best user experience with the fastest trade copier on the market at under 50ms.

As time went on we developed the initial platform, providing users with the ability to create their own whitelabeled version of STT for FREE. Many users have taken up this offer with over 100 successful whitelabel businesses currently operating.

With growth came more feature requests and more ideas on our part, this is when we decided to begin developing the TradeSync API for developers. This product will essentially allow developers to build their own version of Social Trader Tools using our backend account managing and trade copying technology. The will follow RESTful web service principles providing a series of HTTP endpoints to programmatically control your accounts and copiers, along with a web based platform for administration. You can expect TradeSync to be released in 2023.

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